Laduzinsky & Associates, P.C. was founded by Steven Laduzinsky in 2004 as the Law Offices of Steven M. Laduzinsky, P.C. A veteran trial lawyer, Steve has decades of experience advising and representing small and mid-size businesses, government entities, and individuals in all kinds of disputes. Troubled by the inefficiencies he encountered while working at larger firms, Steve founded the Firm to provide his clients with efficient, cost-effective legal services of the highest quality. He and his associates are firmly committed to this goal.

Laduzinsky & Associates currently represents individuals and small businesses in federal and state courts throughout Illinois, as well as various administrative agencies. The varied backgrounds and expertise of our attorneys allow us to tackle nearly any legal issue with speed and efficiency. We have handled everything from labor arbitration disputes to forcible entry and detainer actions to corporate fraud lawsuits. We also handle general transactional matters such as incorporation filings and real estate closings. We do not shy away from challenging cases and are not afraid to make difficult legal arguments.

We also understand that every case is unique, and are willing to work with our clients to create a fee structure that fits their needs. Whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, individual or corporation, Laduzinsky & Associates can provide you with the representation and attention your legal issue deserves. We know your legal issue is not just a 9 to 5 problem, and we promise never to treat it like one.

If you are a facing a significant legal battle or merely want to enforce your rights against an individual or company who has wronged you, please contact any of our attorneys or support staff immediately. We look forward to working with you.